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Project Management and Multidisciplinary design and consultancy services to client include:

Engineering Studies

General and technical studies undertaken at the initial stages of projects:

  • Project Planning Studies
  • Field Development Schemes
  • Technical and Economic feasibility Studies
  • Comparative Studies of Alternative Systems
  • Environmental and Safety Studies
  • Energy Conservation Studies

Specialist engineering studies and investigations are also undertaken during the development of a project.

Design Services

Engineering design and consultancy services are provided at all or any stages of the development of a project.

Preliminary Engineering:
– Assessment of engineering requirements
– Preliminary optimization
– Conceptual designs
– Preliminary designs and layout
– Project programmes and initial cost estimates

Detailed Engineering
– Detailed engineering designs and drawings
– Specialist technical services
– Detailed materials take-off
– Equipment schedules
– Specifications
– Tender enquiry documents
– Evaluation of tenders
– Cost estimation

Project Management

Fully comprehensive project management is provided as required. Project
Management services can also be provided in support of a client’s management team. Services include:
– Cost monitoring and cost control
– Progress monitoring and chasing
– Supervision, checking and technical approval of contractor’s design and shop drawings.
– Technical audits
– Quality assurance, work inspections and tests
– Supervision of construction work
– Assistance with commissioning of systems
– Training of operating personnel

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When it comes to structural design development, let's just say we are UNIQUE.

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We have zeal in perfection, over the years we have created over 200 projects and all structured to last a lifetime cause we make sure the best quality standard is delivered in every project awarded to us, which today makes us the best in the business.

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When it comes to making sure you as a client is satisfied, we go extreme to making sure you get the best of our skills, which we fully give you assurance of a good result on the project end result.

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When it comes to giving the best of service we make sure your project is created, built with great team of Professionals. Which is part of what makes us the best in this field and because we build to create a legacy we make sure we on our very best to achieve the perfect result of every project awarded to us.

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Experience working with State and Federal Government of Nigeria

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Frequently asked questions

We have a unique ways of providing our services, one of them is Understanding what a client need and bringing that dream to reality by making sure our client is satisfied with the end result of the project.
Yes, every client is entitle to have our designed brochure of our completed projects.
Yes, we are open on weekends for every client.

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