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At Bezal We build to create a legacy. Welcome to Bezal Engineering Consultancy Limited We build EVERYTHING But I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing pleasure and
praising pain was born and I will give you a complete account of the system, and
expound the actual teachings of the great explorer of the truth, the master-builder of
At Bezal We build to create a legacy.

A little about us

Bezal Engineering Consultants Ltd. an independent firm of consulting Civil/Structural Engineers & project Managers started out in 1997 under the company name Bezal Technoserve. The new name Bezal Engineering Consultants Ltd. now replaces Bezal Technoserve effective from 1 August 2006. We provide solutions for a wide range of building and construction projects, large and small. We work in partnership with both the larger commercial sector and private clients.



  • We are the best in this business

    We have zeal in perfection, over the years we have created over 200 projects and all structured to last a lifetime cause we make sure the best quality standard is delivered in every project awarded to us, which today makes us the best in the business.

  • We give a guarantee on every project

    When it comes to making sure you as a client is satisfied, we go extreme to making sure you get the best of our skills, which we fully give you assurance of a good result on the project end result.

  • We work with Professionals team

    When it comes to giving the best of service we make sure your project is created, built with great team of Professionals. Which is part of what makes us the best in this field and because we build to create a legacy we make sure we on our very best to achieve the perfect result of every project awarded to us.

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We have a tradition of delivering world class projects and collaborating with leading contractors in realizing complex and challenging projects. We are committed to the delivery of our services within the required programme to the highest design standards appropriate to client’s requirements while utilizing our vast understanding of the local conditions, constructions techniques and planning

Our services

We work with our client with understanding of how to make sure that the project is carried out perfectly and with not doubt we are willing to bring to life every of your dream structure, home, office, to community building development or estate development.

  • We fix the socket

  • We do masonry bricks

  • We drill holes in the walls

  • We have to tighten screws

  • We work with a hammer

  • We twirl bolts

  • We plastered wall

  • We dig pits

Meet Our Great Team

Engr. Olutunde Akintaro

Managing Director

Ndikile Francis

industrial construction


Bridge construction

Tony joy

Construction Managers

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